Our Hybrid Telemedicine Approach is Now in Texas

We at Troy Medical are pleased to announce the introduction of our newest clinic location in Sulphur Springs, Texas. This opening marks a pivotal moment in the town’s rural healthcare, as we blend the convenience of telemedicine with the reassuring support of in-clinic services. This blog post delves into the innovative approach of Troy Medical, showcasing how we are redefining healthcare in rural Texas and empowering residents with specialized care that is now available and accessible in their hometown.

The World of Hybrid Telemedicine 

Hybrid telemedicine stands at the intersection of virtual healthcare and in-person interaction, combining the best of both worlds. Dr. Kara Hartl, the visionary founder and CEO of Troy Medical, discusses with Medical Economics in a recent feature about How a Hybrid Approach to Telehealth Improves Patient Care in Rural Communities; Troy Medical’s innovative “hybrid model successfully addresses the primary obstacles to high-quality care that rural patients and their doctors face and offers three additional benefits beyond those offered by non-hybrid telehealth approach: better patient management, the right delivery model creates a win-win-win, and more efficient care.” Our local clinics serve as a bridge, enabling patients to virtually connect with specialists while benefiting from the dedicated support of our medical assistants. The result is a revolutionary approach that breaks down longstanding barriers to accessing timely and expert specialist care in rural areas.

Unlocking the Potential of Hybrid Telemedicine for Rural Communities 

At Troy Medical, our goal is to bring long-term specialized medical care to rural patients with seamless accessibility. The challenges faced by rural residents in accessing specialized medical care due to long travel distances are now addressed by Troy Medical. Before Troy Medical, patients in rural areas requiring specialty care would have to travel hours to see a specialist after being on a waitlist for months. Troy Medical eradicates this obstacle by pairing patients with specialist doctors through telehealth. What makes us different is the presence of our Medical Assistants at our local micro-clinics, guiding patients through the intricacies of technology, internet connectivity, and medical procedures. This combination of human interaction and technology ensures that patients receive consistent, long-term care from the same specialist doctor. Our innovative approach ensures that distance is no longer a hinderance on managing healthcare effectively.

Our Team of Specialists

Our pride lies in the expertise and compassion of our specialist team. From Ophthalmology expertise addressing disorders of the eye to our Rheumatology specialist focusing on musculoskeletal health, our team is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care to rural communities. Each specialist brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, committed to improving the wellbeing of every patient they serve. Explore more about our specialist on our website.

Join Us on Our Telemedicine Journey

As we advance towards a future of enhanced rural healthcare, we extend an invitation to join our community. Stay tuned for our weekly blog posts and updates on our website and social media accounts about both of our clinics. At Troy Medical, our firm belief is that everyone deserves quality healthcare, irrespective of their location. We are steadfast in our commitment to dismantling barriers and empowering rural communities with top-notch medical services, all delivered with compassion and convenience.

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