I have lived in interior Alaska for over 20 years and have been lucky enough to have my health, until recently. I started experiencing some concerning neurological issues in early 2020 but there were literally no neurologists accessible to me. Troy Medical’s presence in Fairbanks has been a game changer, and the care provided felt more personal and thorough than most traditional medical appointments I’ve had. I’m just so grateful to be able to get this care!” – Anonymous

I have really enjoyed my customer care at Troy Medical. Both Karen and Dr Khawaja are extremely helpful and very accommodating. I recommend them both!” – Jim M.

In 2004 a friend gave me the phone number to a Seattle clinic because my right wrist was very swollen and painful. I went to Seattle for 6 months and they decided I had RA. I went there every year for 14 years taking Humera and Methotrexate but the swelling never went down. I also went to Anchorage for 3 years and they took me off Humera.

Last March Troy Medical started and Dr. Khawaja became my TeleMed doctor in April. Since she started caring for me I am back on Humera at no cost and the swelling in my wrist is gone. I am pain free and have gotten my strength and movement back in my right wrist. I am thrilled with the results Troy Medical has given me. – Wally O.

Finding specialty care in Fairbanks is rough. I needed to see a neurologist, and another local practice refused me multiple times. Troy Medical is conveniently located, and their staff (I’ve mainly interacted with Karen who I believe is a CMA) are phenomenal. My telehealth appointment with Dr. Mendez went fantastic. She is wonderful to work with and thorough. If you are looking for specialty care in Fairbanks, I 100% recommend Troy Medical. – Michaela W.

After living in Alaska for over a decade, I know how difficult it is to find medical care. Even with good health insurance, it is hard to find a doctor who can treat serious medical conditions. Not everyone can travel to Seattle when they need care, especially if their condition requires multiple visits. TroyMed addresses a critical need in the state of Alaska. This service will allow Alaskans to obtain medical care that is on par with the biggest cities in the country. Bringing better healthcare to Alaska improves quality of life for our residents and is a benefit to everyone in communities all across the state. Thank you TroyMed for keeping Alaska healthy!

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