How does my visit with Troy Medical work?

We bring specialists to your hometown in a comfortable, supportive clinic environment. You’ll arrive at your appointment at our local clinic site, check in and do all the routine intake you would for any doctor’s appointment. Our MA will then get you settled into an exam room where they will start your visit by taking your vitals and finishing the prep for the physician. Then, they’ll connect you to your doctor via a high-definition audio/video feed.

Your doctor will provide long-term care for you as long as you require it. They will be able to order testing, labs and imaging and refer you to other physicians as needed.

Where is the doctor’s office located?

We bring specialists to rural, medically underserved areas, and are rapidly expanding the communities we serve. We currently have clinics in Fairbanks, Alaska and Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Will you take my insurance?

We aim to be able to take as many insurances as possible. Each state’s insurance market is a little bit different. We universally take Medicare and Medicaid and participate with most commercial insurances like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare and many, many others. We also offer an affordable sliding scale self-pay program for uninsured patients or those who have insurances we are out of network with.

For specific questions regarding what insurances we accept, please contact the clinic site in your hometown.

Do I need a referral?

No! Our office does not require a referral from another doctor to schedule an appointment for you. Some insurances may require a referral or authorization for your visit: we can help patients navigate this.

What specialists can I see?

The available specialists depend on the clinic site. Most sites have Endocrinology, Neurology and Rheumatology: other specialists are added based on the needs of the community, and currently include Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology and Otolaryngology.

What if I’m unsure about telemedicine?

Telemedicine has been around for a while, but really became mainstream during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been proven to be as effective (and in some cases moreso) in the treatment of disease as in-person medicine. Here is just some of what our patients have to say about their telemedicine experience with us:

“For the first time a doctor listened and gave me options that made sense.”

“The most productive appointment I have ever had.”

“I was asked by a coworker how I liked my telehealth neurology appointment and wasn’t it impersonal? I told him that it was better than any visit I have ever had with a doctor in person.”

“I wasn’t really receptive about coming to a telehealth appointment as I have not had a good experience with them. I have to say I was so pleasantly surprised!”

Our goal is to provide the best medicine, period. Telehealth is simply the vehicle by which we deliver the highest quality to our patients.

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