Introducing Principal Care Management at Troy Medical

At Troy Medical, we are committed to enhancing the quality of rural healthcare and support we provide to our patients. To further this mission, we are excited to announce the launch of our Principal Care Management program. This new program is designed to offer our patients dedicated, personalized care and a single point of contact for all their healthcare needs.

What is Principal Care Management?

Principal Care Management is an innovative approach to patient care that ensures continuous and coordinated support for individuals with chronic or complex conditions. Through this program, each patient will have a dedicated nurse who will serve as their primary point of contact, providing comprehensive care management and support.

Key Services Offered Through Principal Care Management

Our Principal Care Management program includes a range of services aimed at improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. These services include:

  • Monthly Check-ins: Our dedicated nurse will reach out to patients monthly to discuss their care, address any concerns, and ensure that their healthcare needs are being met.
  • Medication and Order Authorizations: Timely and accurate processing of prescriptions and medical orders to ensure patients receive the treatments they need without delay.
  • Follow-Up Calls on Lab and Imaging Results: Keeping patients informed about their test results and next steps in their treatment plans.
  • Patient Education: Providing valuable information and resources to help patients understand their conditions and treatments.
  • Support Around Ride Services, Travel Vouchers, and Other Care Coordination Needs: Assisting patients with the logistical aspects of their care, making it easier for them to attend appointments and access necessary services.
  • Medication Management: Offering support for managing medications, addressing side effects, and making necessary adjustments to treatment plans.
  • Navigating Outgoing Referrals: Coordinating care with other physicians and specialists involved in the patient’s medical care to ensure a seamless healthcare experience.

Benefits of Principal Care Management

By enrolling in our Principal Care Management program, patients will experience several key benefits:

  • Dedicated Nurse/Point of Contact: Patients will have a dedicated clinical nurse as a reliable point of contact for all their healthcare needs, making communication more efficient and effective.
  • Enhanced Support Between Visits: Regular monthly check-ins by our nurse to provide continuous support and care, ensuring that patient needs are addressed promptly.
  • Streamlined Processes: With fewer phone calls to our office and quicker turnaround times for requests and needs, patients can enjoy a more streamlined and responsive healthcare experience.
  • Comprehensive and Coordinated Care: Our dedicated nurse will ensure that all aspects of the patient’s care are coordinated, providing a holistic approach to managing health and wellness.

Join Us in Enhancing Patient Care

We are proud to offer Principal Care Management as part of our commitment to delivering exceptional patient care at Troy Medical. This program is designed to provide our patients with the personalized attention and support they need to manage their health effectively.

For more information about our Principal Care Management program or to enroll, please contact our nurse Kristina Haviland-Ring at (513) 808-9978. We look forward to supporting you on your healthcare journey and ensuring you receive the highest standard of care.

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